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1. Procedures

1.1. Obtaining data
The RMA distributes both proprietary and open-source data. All data is subject to registration and licensing agreements. Obtain data through the following procedure:
a) Log in
c) Search through the available resources;
d) Complete the necessary documentation (e.g. license agreement);
e) Complete payment if necessary (some data is open-source and requires no payment); and
f) Download data.

Resources available at the RMA can be used for research projects, software development or educational purposes, depending on the licensing agreement that you use.

1.2. Providing data
When providing data, different distribution rights can be assigned where necessary, and linking to open source data and custom agreements can also be done. Data providers will enter into a formal agreement with the RMA to protect the intellectual property (IP) rights of their resource.Should you be willing to contribute to multilingualism in South Africa by making data available for others through the RMA, please contact us to discuss possibilities? The RMA team will also be able to assist with limited processing (packaging) of the resources for distribution.

2. Resource List

In 2009, the South African National HLT Network (NHN) funded a technology audit that was conducted to form a clear profile of the research and development activiites in the human language technology field in South Africa. THis audit was used as the basis for the RMA Index, which is a list of South African resources with the relevant metadata (information such as developer details and specefications). Some of these resources are included in the RMA Catalogue, and are therefore available for download.